private Virgin Island Sailboat charter begins with you   imagining crystal clear Caribbean water, teeming with rainbow colored fish. Anchoring in the  most beautiful secluded Virgin Island lagoon you can ever dream of.

 here simply is nothing more relaxing than lying on the deck of   Wind Walker as she slices through the calm turquoise  waters of the Caribbean.
 In fact all  vacationers strive to get away from the crowds and this is exactly what  Wind Walker does.

 ream that dream where dolphins and mermaids play and we intend to  take you that way. We strive for that cuisine experience which is unmatched by the  top  restaurants, because we custom prepare each dinner to suite your individual  tastes and then add those special dishes which match your paradise  surroundings.

 andle lit dinners on deck, dancing on the beach to the sounds of an  steel band is your decision. Our promise to you is, you would not feel like  guests, but more like good friends from decades gone by. Anniversaries,  honeymoons, or birthdays are theme dates to suit the occasion.


  "You have enjoyed the Caribbean by cruise ship, now experience a private yacht  vacation with your professional Captain and personal chef." - Captain Rick and  Martie, WindWalker

 "The secrets of paradise lie in the professionalism of your Captain and crew who  take you there." - Ex Yacht Captain Michael F.

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